Lyme, Adrenals and Thyroid

In order to for one to have the ability to overcome Lyme disease and other chronic illness, you will certainly need to address the health of your Adrenals. Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal Insufficiency are usually at the core of your low energy levels, trouble getting and staying asleep and your lowered ability to fight off infection. We are going to first talk about how some of these endocrine (hormone) cycles work and then what you can do to address the issues.


I just want to clarify, we have not completely fixed Amber’s sleep issues yet but I think we’ve figured out how to fix her sleep. To determine how effective this is in the long run we need to keep trying and see what happens. But she is showing signs of improvement almost immediately as we have been focusing on the things mentioned in this article. I am so excited to finally see something working that I just have to share it with others. She is starting to sleep more regularly, at night instead of the day, and she has a little more energy. For her it’s the difference of laying in bed all day from fatigue or being able to go out for a few hours and see the sun – and that is worth more than it’s weight in gold. I’m gonna try to make this as simple as I can, those who wish to chat about it feel free to comment below.
 How the adrenals and thyroid work together

The adrenals provide the body with hormones that control cellular metabolism, that is to say, they control your energy levels inside of your cells. The thyroid also controls this, but one is dominant over the other – which ever one is dominant is running the show. And your cells play a role in your energy levels in that, this is where the energy actually comes from – they bring in oxygen that you breathe through the cell membrane and in a process known as the Citric Acid Cycle, or Krebbs Cycle, the cells oxidize oxygen and pyruvate to create ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate).  The waste that the cells give off contain Carbon Dioxide and free-radicals. The CO2 is carried by your blood to your lungs and you breathe it out, and the oxidized waste (free-radicals) eventually get picked up by your Glutathione & other Cytochrome P450 enzymes, but not before this free-radical waste will attempt to steal electrons from cell walls. Dietary anti-oxidants are important because they replenish the cell walls with electrons so the cell walls remain healthy, and can even directly neutralize the free-radical waste. With me so far?
 When you are healthy

When you are healthy and just chillin – your thyroid is the dominant energy controller for the body. You are calm but you have energy. You aren’t tired. You feel a sense of well being. Life is good this way. When a healthy person has stress because their parents are fighting or a tiger is chasing them, your adrenals kick in and take over the energy management department. We call this the fight or flight response. It actually causes the thyroid to slow down to allow the adrenals to do their job of giving you hard fast energy. Normally about 30ish minutes later after the source of stress stops, then your adrenals calm down and your thyroid works it’s way back to normal. Life is good again.

When your adrenals fire off – your cells see this and engage the fight or flight – “we need energy and we need it now.” Shut down all non-essential processes, throw all the fuel on the fire. Full speed ahead! I mean, your body will eat muscle if it needs to in order to get that energy. It’s actually pretty destructive to the body if your adrenals are left unchecked, but it’s essential for to get you out of a tight situation. If this seldom happens then you recover just fine no problem.
 When you aren’t healthy

When you are chronically stressed out and your adrenals are running the show most of the time and not the thyroid, then this becomes a problem. The thyroid never really gets a chance to come back up and give you that calm energy that you would normally have. The Adrenals never get a chance to rest so they eventually begin to struggle as well. You don’t get a chance to replenish the nutritional and ATP energy reserves that got used up when your adrenals first fired off. You end up in an energy-depleted state. But it gets worse. Without properly functioning adrenals, inflammation can’t be controlled very well. The high cortisol breaks down the gut barrier, the blood brain barrier and more. Your body will begin to see undigested proteins in the blood that come in through the permeable gut lining and loosened tight gap junctions and you mount an immune response to those proteins, which works the adrenals even harder. During these times of stress all energy is directed towards sky rocketing your cellular metabolism and fight or flight. Non-essentials like digestion pretty much shutdown. So now you aren’t even getting the proper nutrition that you need to recover. Then your HPA axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal hormone cycles) gets stuck in a negative cycle – Cortisol receptors on the hypothalamus eventually burn out from too much cortisol. Then the hypothalamus can’t tell the pituitary that the adrenals are going, and the pituitary never sends it’s ACTH hormone signal to the adrenals to tell them to calm down. Once in this state, if you do manage to get yourself calmed down, if someone so much as scares you then your adrenals fire off again and don’t really have what they need to shut off within a reasonable amount of time. One can be up for days or even weeks after firing off the adrenals from being startled or stressed.

Hormone cycles get all kinds of messed up when all this happens. Cells end up using all their Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate (ATP), the fuel of your cellular metabolism. In order to make more ATP, which is in constant demand, the cells break down reserves of Adenosine-Di-Phosphate (ADP) to make Adenosine-Mono-Phosphate (AMP). Then it combines an AMP with an ADP to create new ATP. But this is emergency energy that you do not want to use – once your body uses ADP to get the energy your adrenals demanded your body gives you fatigue which forces you to rest. We aren’t talking about tired after a night of drinking here though, we are talking about an Out of Service kind of fatigue. No energy to even hardly get out of bed to use the bathroom. During your rest after such a crash your body works to store up ADP reserves, but this is a very slow process lasting weeks if not longer depending on how well those processes in the body are working. You become extremely fatigued and tired but wired (at least when the adrenals are still firing off). And likely you can’t sleep from this or wake up and can’t get back to sleep. This opens the door to another set of psychological-related symptoms – stress from worrying that you won’t sleep. This stress causes more adrenal response, and you stay stuck in this bad cycle with no way out for a long time. You especially get stressed right before bed-time as you begin thinking about going to sleep and worrying that you won’t sleep. We’ve been here a LOT – feeling not just tired but fatigued and being sick and wanting to just saw your head off because you have no idea what is going on or how to fix it.

Also worth noting, I see evidence that people with Lyme or other infections aren’t just fighting this adrenal dysfunction but actually have an inability to produce ATP fast enough to meet their bodies demands on top of adrenal dysfunction. And this could be caused by a number of factors – MTHFr gene mutation, intracellular infections & toxicity from infections are among the causes of this, but it’s something I still need to dive into. I am hoping that this will be my next area of research as I dive deeper into the mechanisms of cellular dysfunction and the causes of fatigue.

I think a lot of us Lymies are right there. We are trying to climb out of this cellular ATP debt but every time we get a good day and we go out to relieve the psychological stress, if any other stressor comes along we crash again. If we use too much energy we crash. Too excited, we crash. Injury, we crash. Any kind of pain, we crash. Someone is driving like a jerk and comes too close and scares you, metabolic crash. And we don’t see the connection right away, but how could we? The high cortisol destroys your memory. Don’t worry, I know it is reversible. This is just a part of the struggle we face even now. It’s taken me nearly 3 years to finally recognize all the signs and to put 2 and 2 together. I’ve learned, even the smallest details can be some of the greatest clues to your health. It just comes with experience I guess.


The Result of Adrenal Dysfunction and Your Diet and Lifestyle

Once you get into this negative cycle, like I mentioned above, you have a hard time controlling your stress because your adrenals are pushing too hard and not resting. This causes break down of the intestinal lining, your gut lining, stomach lining, you can end up with ulcers and also break down your blood brain barrier. If you eat something like gluten it gets into your blood through your permeable intestinal lining and loosened tight gap junctions which causes another immune response. The body sees the foreign gluten protein and thinks it’s an infection, which needs more adrenal power which puts your energy even farther in debt. If you eat some deep fried, oily french fries with salt – it tastes so good because your adrenals want the salt and potassium together especially if the adrenals are working overtime – but the rancid oils cause an immune response just like the gluten, but for many people rancid oils are even worse that gluten. Oils oxidize pretty fast after they are squeezed from their source, we are talking minutes after. That isn’t good. But then you heat up oils and any goodness left in them is instantly destroyed – oils become rancid, not because of bacteria, but because they become like the free-radical waste that your cells produce and that your body is working so hard to get rid of. Rancid oils are in EVERYTHING processed – chips, crisps, cakes, candy, “health food bars” and “protein bars”, sauces, dressings, etc. There was a season where Amber started having seizures nearly every night, turns out that the Snap Pea Crisps that she was eating in the middle of the day were the cause of this. We removed them from her diet and the frequency of seizures have dropped to almost nothing. She also avoids anything sugar free, corn, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, wheat, gluten, most grains, quinoa (contains low amount of gluten), all oils except olive oil if it’s on the fresh side, and more. All of these things have the ability to cause an immune response – causes inflammation and then puts strain on the adrenals to control said inflammation.

Lyme disease all by itself places a huge demand on your adrenals as well, in much the same way as all of the above. It causes you to mount an immune response and inflammation control which requires huge adrenal energy. Your adrenals can’t keep up, you crash, life changes. You’re in the depths of adrenal fatigue and metabolic mitochondrial dysfunction. From that point forward the Lyme could even be dormant, but without the adrenals working properly you will feel like crap pretty much 24-7.


Genetics Play a Role

You also have a gene call NF-κB (NF Kappa B). When your body finds itself struggling to fight the Lyme infection, NF-κB turns on which produces inflammatory molecules called Cytokines. Not all cytokines are inflammatory but these ones are. When you miss sleep and you feel tired and inflamed, for example, that is the result of the body releasing Interleukin 6, an inflammatory cytokine. There are a bunch of these cytokines and they all do different things in the body. Many of them are filtered out of the body by your Cytochrome P450, but with Lyme, those detox pathways can be hit pretty hard and may not be working correctly which leads to increased pain and inflammation. But your body doesn’t do anything stupid, these molecules change the chemistry of your body. They make you inflamed and tired because NF-κB turns on as part of an immune response. It is designed to get you to stop being active and rest. I love how Dr. Richard Horowitz talked about NF-κB – two men walk into the doctors office with similar symptoms, fatigue, pain, sleep issues, etc. They both take Doxycycline for Lyme, one gets better and one does not. Why is that? Well it turns out that the one who got better was bit by a tick and caught Lyme disease but treated it in time and the one who didn’t get better had high levels of mercury and lead. The reason the symptoms are the same for Lyme vs Heavy Metal poisoning is because both Lyme and heavy metals turn on NF-κB. Both cause basically the same immune reaction.

Your Cytochrome P450 has to work hard to get these inflammatory cytokine molecules out but your Cytochrome P450 could very easily already be depleted by the Lyme or co-infections. So one way to reduce inflammation and relieve the stress on the adrenals a bit is to support the Cytochrome P450. You can support your Cytochrome P450 with supplements and proper eating, which I will go over below.


Evidence that you can be healed, what happens when a healthy person contracts Lyme?

So what happens when a healthy person gets Lyme? Well, it’s my thought that people who are truly healthy to begin with don’t get symptoms. As we see in Switzerland (I think that’s right), 87% of farmers tested seropositive/Positive Western Blot markers for Lyme, but only 2% actually have Lyme symptoms. Why is that? I think it’s because they have pre-existing health problems due to a number of life style and dietary factors that perhaps they simply are not yet aware of.

Some people do Rife and have good success, while others like Amber do Rife and suddenly can’t sleep for 2 or 3 days. Why is that? Some people can take Milk Thistle extract and find healing, but again Amber won’t sleep if she does. Why is that? Because before the body can do anything to clean up the Lyme infection in the lymph or mount an immune response – she needs to have the adrenal energy AND she needs to build up the reserves of cellular energy in the form of ADP and ATP in order to carry those processes out without metabolic crashing. Keep reading, I’m going to tie this all together down below. Adaptogenic herbs can allow the immune system to fire off, but this puts a toll on the adrenals like it or not. So I think we have to take a step back and figure out how to support detox as well as build the Adrenals up first before anything else.

You’ve probably heard that Lyme is an opportunistic infection. Meaning that it can hide in your body until the opportunity presents itself to infect you. Another way of looking at this is that, if you already have adrenal fatigue and then you get exposed to Lyme, Lyme is going to cause your adrenals to fire off in order to mount that immune response to get rid of the Lyme. Which might actually be successful if our adrenals are strong enough – hence some people don’t get Lyme symptoms. The lymph is where the body gets rid of infections, bacteria or viruses. But if your lymph is stagnant because you don’t have an alkalizing diet and eat way too much protein – the lyme doesn’t flush out of the body through the kidneys as it might in a truly health person. Instead the Lyme sits in the lymph and multiplies in biofilm colonies causing Fibromyalgia. Then the lyme goes out into collagen pockets in the flesh of your skin and eat and multiply in biofilm communities. This might actually be a saving grace in a strange kind of way, because a lyme spirochete behind biofilm means that your immune system doesn’t see it and therefore does not push your adrenals harder to fight it. Many people think that biofilms are the problem…which is true in some sense, it hides the Lyme bacteria from antibiotics and the like, but also might be what prevents Lyme from just outright killing us before we even know what to do about it. You can take herbs and stuff to break down biofilms, but if your adrenals aren’t working right then it can be extremely painful as it releases toxins and lyme bacteria back into view of your immune system, and you don’t want to do that hard and fast or it could potentially kill you. For illustration, the Ebola virus doesn’t kill you because it destroys vital parts of your body, but your immune reaction to it is what kills you. So you actually want to save your adrenals as much as possible to prevent the low energy metabolic state in order to slowly hack away at the Lyme Bacteria and biofilms.


How Do You Fix It?

So you have lyme. Your tired, pain, maybe not sleeping well or sleeping at all. You have food allergies. You might have seizures or other seizure like episodes. You are easily stressed. You may have had a family history of stress or dysfunction. You may be wired and tired. You need to get your adrenals to turn off, your cellular energy needs to build up and your thyroid needs to step up. All at the same time. You are now going to take another step towards better health. It’s challenging, probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do with such limited energy. It’s complicated, I know. But you are going to be successful, so be patient and know that you will get there eventually if you choose to not give up. Never give up!  Here is how you can start working towards better health:

Here are some things that trigger the adrenals, you’ll want to avoid them:

  • When you get stressed, no matter how moderate, it makes your adrenals go.
  • Coffee, Tea, Caffeine, Alcohol all make your adrenals go.
  • Sex makes your adrenals go.
  • Boobies or violence on TV might make your adrenals go.
  • If you get sick your adrenals cause your immune system to launch a defense and your adrenals control inflammation.
  • Allergies? Also requires adrenals to work in order to mount an immune response.
  • Pain from injury or inflammation, adrenals control the inflammation.
  • Pain can also cause psychological stress as well as stimulate your nervous system, which is also stress.

I want to make a point, it’s not like you can’t be intimate with your husband or wife. But you may need to slow your roll if you know what I mean. Limit this to your best days . You’ll want to conserve as much energy as you can and sex takes a toll on not only the adrenals but your cellular energy / ATP.
Avoid these things

  • Avoid Flourine (Floride, found in most tap water)
  • Avoid Chlorine (Found in most drinking water)
  • Avoid Bromine (Often found in processed white flour)
  • Flourine, Chlorine and Bromine are all chemically very similar to Iodine. They will replace iodine in the body, which makes things not work. So try to avoid them.
  • Avoid Drinking from plastic bottles, as much as possible. Use the 5 gallon water jugs but try to avoid regular water bottles. Plastics mimic estrogen hormone and this causes problems. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone – TSH – attaches to Estrogen and carries it to various places. But if you have plastics that mimic estrogen, then your TSH carries the plastic around and can’t be used by the various destinations.
  • Avoid stress in all it’s forms. Listen to your body. If you feel stressed, just walk away. But emotional stress is stress all the same, so if certain people cause you stress, find a way to distance yourself from those people, or just spend less time with them. Do what you can to avoid conflicts and stressors.
  • Avoid over doing it when you do feel good. If you feel good, go on a very short easy walk 1/4 mile or less, then rest the rest of the entire day. Do NOT over do it. I can’t say this enough. This is KEY TO RECOVERY in my opinion. This is where we have struggled and failed so many times without realizing it. If you feel good one day, then you go out and see friends or what have you, and then you feel like hell the next day wiped of energy, flair day, etc – you likely pushed yourself too hard. You probably had a little too much stress or a little too much energy expenditure. And it will take time for the ADP and ATP reserves to come back up and for the Adrenals to turn back off. Your adrenals will probably go through an episode of firing off way too much and you’ll have a period of unmanageable stress, your sleep will mess up again, everything will go out of whack for a time. DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF TOO HARD. For Amber, 1 stressful event or 1 day where she pushes too hard – it’s about 2 or 3 months to turn around. Since we have been focusing on the adrenals – for the first time in 2 years she started sleeping mostly regularly and at night instead of during the day. Then her monthly came around which sapped her of energy and she crashed. Then it happened again 3 months later (just a few weeks ago, before Thanksgiving 2016), but then she caught a cold and she crashed after about a week of better sleeping.
  • Inflammatory foods such as night shades – tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, peppers, etc. Not everyone has issues with these, so cut them out for awhile and see how you feel. And these foods in one at a time to see if one causes you to feel bad or react.
  • Avoid any food sensitivities, anything at all that could cause any allergy or immune response (which is hard on the adrenals) including but not limited to – Gluten, corn, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, fructose-90 (or w/e they are calling it now days), basically all oils, avoid canola oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil, deep fried foods (the oils become oxidized and rancid shortly after being pressed, and once heated they go fully rancid), avoid MSG, anything sugar-free, cheese, processed dairy (I think raw is very beneficial for some people), and if possible avoid all grains including rice (explained below).
  • Avoid anything that causes inflammation, infection, stress or energy expenditure.

    What should you be eating

    • Fresh, raw, organic (or home grown if possible is the best) fruits and veggies.
    • Cooked organic or home grown veggies, like carrots, squash, celery, sweet potatoes, etc
    • Grass-fed chicken, beef
    • Salmon
    • Fresh squeezed juices
    • Wake up and hydrate +/- 32 ounces of warm lemon water, or at least just plain warm water. Add 2 tablespoons of maple syrup to it, maybe a dash of cayenne pepper. Do this EVERY MORNING!
    • Once you are awake for 30 minutes, about 20 minutes after you finish your water, aim to eat approx 14 grams of protein in your breakfast. Avoid cereals. Consider nuts or perhaps some meat or 2 eggs. This protein is necessary for a body struggling with adrenal problems because the protein gives your body what it needs to create insulin to prevent blood sugar spikes. A healthy person does not need to eat protein like this first thing in the morning, they should eat fruits and veggies that contain proteins. Again, the meat should be treated like a supplement for health when it’s appropriate but I do not believe that a healthy person should necessarily need to eat meat like this. But if you find that eating the protein first thing in the morning makes a difference for you, then keep at it, but try different things and experiment.
    • Beetroot Juice can be very helpful in healing the kidneys. I aim to drink 1 beet juice every 2 day to 2 days.
    • Keep in mind that, in my opinion, adrenal fatigue and lyme disease patients can benefit from meats. I’m not saying you should eat a 32 ounce steak all the time. But consider your meat to be more like a medicine. Take it in small amounts and as needed. You don’t have to remove meat entirely from your diet, but you should not be eating it with every meal. And if you do eat meat, it needs to be of the highest quality – organic, grass-fed, etc. Meat is a medicine. Not a food. You don’t want too much of a good thing. (See videos below on Diet, Detox and Iridology. They claim no meat is best, perhaps you should give it a try and see how you feel. What works for one may or may not work for another so we need to remain open about these things.)
    • Eating enough calories is very important as well. You should expect to gain a little weight in the process of healing adrenals. You can worry about losing that weight later. But for now, so long as you are eating healthy & high quality food you should eat as much as you feel necessary. Listen to your body. You are in a state of not enough energy, so eating extra can really help to replenish that.

      Supplements to take

      • Take a high quality iodine supplement in the morning. We take the Iodoral brand, 12.5mg tablets. Tiny, very easy to swallow. If a whole pill makes you sick, break the tablet in quarters and take 3mg in the morning. If you do well, try taking another 3 mg mid day / afternoon. The thyroid produces thyroid hormone, but in order for your body to use it, it needs to attach it to iodine molecules. T3 and T4 are thyroid hormone with 3 and 4 molecules of iodine attached, respectively. Without iodine, your thyroid will remain in it’s low state caused by your adrenal insufficiency. So taking iodine will help push the thyroid up which will push the adrenals down. This will help your body transition from a stressed adrenal state to a state of thyroid dominant energy – calm energy. This is what you want. If your thyroid is dominating the adrenals like it would in a healthy person, then your adrenals will begin to rest. And rest means building energy reserves so that your immune system can function properly when the time to fight the lyme comes about.
      • High quality B Complex. I take the Country Life Advanced Co-enzyme B-Complex. Most days I take a 1/2 dose (1 pill). You don’t need to over do the B vitamins. These will likely give you some energy, but do not use that energy. In fact, if you can go on your very gentle walk once a day if possible, then try to sleep the rest of the day. Don’t try to stay up through the day and sleep at night, don’t try to use the energy for anything work or fun, don’t get involved with any projects or talk to friends or anything. Stay off of Facebook and try not to have an opinion about anything. Don’t argue with anyone online. It may sound like I am repeating myself here, but when you start to feel better it will be VERY HARD not to engage in these things. You will want to talk and live a little. But it will likely backfire. You will end up creating a different kind of stress, a kind of stress that feels good, but will use your energy reserves all the same. Avoid this pitfall until you have healed a bit. Keep to yourself, spend time in prayer or meditation, get that small walk in for the day and then rest and try to sleep. Spend time with calm people who support you. Getting out of this negative cycle is all about building these energy reserves and keeping the adrenals low, this is the #1 priority. Do don’t over do it. The B vitamins are important because your cells need many of the B vitamins and co-enzymes to produce ATP, ADP and other aspects of cellular energy production.
      • Consider taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil. We take Green Pasture Blue Ice Royal Fermented Cod Liver Oil. These healthy fats can be very beneficial to hormone production. Personally, I like a nice fatty steak every couple weeks. But I take Fermented Cod Liver Oil a couple times a week. It actually can keep Amber up if she takes too many as well. So experiment with this one.
        Regular non-fermented fish oils can be very helpful as well. These are less likely to cause other issues, like how the Fermented Cod Liver Oil can keep Amber up sometimes. But these fats can help as your body uses the for hormones as well as rebuilding connective tissues.
      • If you ever have a chemical taste in your mouth or stomach, consider that you may have an Ammonia problem. L-Ornithine is excellent at mopping up Ammonia. You can take l-ornithine and l-arginine together in the morning or a few hours before bed. These are absolutely a required part of our supplement tool kit. We don’t take them every day, but when she notices that chemical feeling / taste in her mouth, this is absolutely essential.
      • Baking Soda, sodium bicarbonate. A 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon on an empty stomach any time, perhaps an hour or so before bed. Do not take it with food or close to meals as it will neutralize your stomach acid and you will not digest your meal. your pancreas produces something like 2-3 pounds of sodium bicarbonate every day to offset acids from digestion and blood acid levels. Your kidneys need this as well, and can even make sodium bicarbonate themselves in small amounts. By taking the sodium bicarbonate you relieve your kidneys of acids which can help you feel more relaxed, among other things. from what I’ve read, people with kidney failure have had great results taking sodium bicarb to heal their kidneys and adrenals. It’s the #1 most effective thing you can do for kidney failure and the like. Test this one and see how it makes you feel. If it makes your intestines hurt, you may need to make some changes before the sodium bicarbonate can be effective and not make you sick.

        Other Important Factors

        5-MTHFr is the short name for a compound called 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. That’s a mouthful! In your cells you have a cycle called the Methionine Reuptake cycle. This is where your cells make a bunch of super important stuff like glutathione, a very important cellular detoxifier and antioxidant made by your body. There is a part where your cells convert dietary folate into 5-MTHFr. And if you are one of the many people who have this MTHFr genetic abnormality, you may not be converting dietary folate into 5-MTHFr very well. If this is the case, you may not be producing cellular energy very efficiently, you may not be detoxifying very effectively, and you may not be able to recover from lyme or adrenal fatigue if you do not address this, at least not very fast. So you have 2 options, depending on how much money you have available to you:

        1. Go to and get your DNA test done. BTW it’s currently on sale right now for $99 which is an excellent price, it’s normal price is about $200 I think. Once you get your DNA results in you can download your Raw Data from and upload it to They will look at your DNA and give you your MTHFr report for FREE. Yup, don’t need to type in a credit card or anything. This will tell you if you have the genetic mutation or not, among some other related mutations.
        2. Your other option is to just skip the genetic test and go right for the supplement that would help address the problem – MethylGuard, or, MethylGuard Plus by Thorne Research. They are basically the same thing, the MethylGuard Plus has extra of one of the co-factors I think – they are very specific co-enzymes, b-vitamin and glucosamine salts that specifically give your body what it needs right where the 5-MTHFr mutations is having problems. It’s not the same as a B-complex, and a B-complex will not address the issue. This product is very specific and is very important. It makes a pretty big difference if you are suffering from MTHFr mutation.

        Personally, I think it’s always better to test first if you have the money, but if you are limited funds then try the MethylGuard Plus by Thorne Research and see if you feel better. You won’t find this product in stores, you gotta get it straight from the source: . Side note: The MethylGuard “Plus” contains higher amounts of 5-MTHF (active folate), B6, B12 per capsule than original Methyl-Guard. Riboflavin 5′-phosphate added for extra homocysteine metabolism support.

        It is more important to rest than it is to go out when you are facing this catabolic state caused by this adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue. But at the same time, exercise is extremely important for healing. The trick is, in my opinion, knowing when to go on a walk and when to rest. I recommend that you always error on the side of rest. Because if you go too hard just once, it can delay your healing for another 3 months. You really want to avoid this kind of yoyoing with your energy and health. I feel like Amber and I have been doing this for a few years without realizing it. So learn to recognize this early on. When you exercise, even just gentle walking, it promotes new cell growth in the body, releases endorphin’s, etc. And this is necessary to heal in the long run, but you gotta know when it is appropriate and when to rest. Always error on the side of resting. Never walk more than 1/4 mile flat ground. If you begin to stable out with your energy and health, you will walk that 1/4 for 6 months before you try to do more. It’s a slow process. But make sure your diet is in check during this time as well, otherwise you will not heal.
        Blood Sugar Problems

        • Another key thing to keep in mind is that blood sugar spikes can cause an adrenal reaction. You want to avoid this. This is the #1 reason why you want to start your day with a high quality protein. For me, I do very well with Steak. Amber not so much, she prefers less fatty meats especially in the morning. But she is learning, she has to eat protein in the morning otherwise she crashes.
        • Get a blood sugar meter from Walmart. They are like $20-$30. Not too bad. Test yourself when you wake up and every hour or so throughout the day. Write these measurements down in a notebook, the time and blood sugar level. When you wake, test your blood-sugar before you get up to pee. It should be between 80-120. Anything outside of these limits may be an indication that your body is struggling.
        • If your blood sugar is below 80, your adrenals will begin to fire off and eat your muscle to raise blood sugar levels. Avoid this by eating protein first thing in the morning AFTER hydrating. Never miss hydrating. It’s very important.
        • If your blood sugar is over 120, you may be diabetic or pre-diabetic. It means you are not producing insulin, and your blood sugar is therefore too high. This can cause adrenal problems as well. Eat protein first thing in the morning, the rest of your daily diet should be fruits and veggies.
        • A very, very quick lesson in physics and chemistry: oxygen and hydrogen are some of the most common and abundant elements on this planet. When you put hydrogen and oxygen together to form water, the oxygen “steals” electrons from the hydrogen. We therefore call the act of stealing electrons “oxidation” because oxygen steals electrons from hydrogen. And when an atom gains electrons we call it “reduction”. (You can get into the math behind this science, it’s really no more complicated than algebra, Google “Redox Equations” for more.) So when we talk about dietary “anti-oxidants” we are literally talking about the chemistry term, oxidation, rather someone coined this new term to describe reduction, hence anti-oxidation. An anti-oxidant carries with it spare electrons to donate to free radicals which are really oxidizers that steal electrons from your cell walls and the like.
        • Eating fruit does not spike your blood sugar like drinking apple juice from the store. It’s not just the fiber that slows down the absorption of the sugars, but once you bit into an apple and you look at it for a couple minutes you’ll see it starts to turn brown – that is oxidation. The Apple turns brown as certain compounds in the apple loose their electrons and therefore chemically change the apple. It could be that the oxygen in the air is causing this reaction, but all the various compounds in the air potentially could do this as well. Oxygen can oxidize iron in the presence of water. And lead can oxidize oxygen. But that’s beyond the point. This oxidation of the apple causes enzymes and compounds to break apart and recombine into other things that don’t really benefit your body. When you eat an apple you are consuming anti-oxidants as well as the various sugars and what have you. Fructose though, unlike table sugar, does not require insulin in order to bring the sugar into the cell. Table sugars or other complex carbs that are broken down into sugars usually require insulin – not to keep your blood sugar down – but to bring the sugar out of your blood plasma and into the cells where it can be used in the energy production process. Fructose from an apple will go right into the cell without insulin. You don’t want to eat too much of that sugar, which is why it comes with so much fiber naturally, to prevent over consumption of the sugar!
        • Fruit will not make candida worse. I’ve always heard that you should avoid fruit if you have a Candida problem. But Amber and I are starting to see this as not accurate. She avoided fruits for years basically, only to persist in her Candida issues. On the other hand, all the tips we learned about eating fruit and proper food combining have been effective for her so far. Obviously avoid grains and candy and the like if you have a candida problem. But it’s equally important to not eat your sugars with your meats. For example, do not eat grapes in the same meals as you eat steak or chicken. Fruits and Meats require different things to digest properly. If you mix fruits and meats, one or both will not get digested properly, and this is what will contribute to Candida overgrowth, food going rancid in your gut, and causing more adrenal problems.

          Misc Notes

          • Organic, raw, grass-fed butter is excellent. It feeds good gut bacteria among other things.
          • Craving carbs? Aim for the Sweet Potato with butter and salt! Make mashed sweet potatoes too and have it like Thanksgiving! You have your yams and stuff like you would have at Thanksgiving or something, and then there are the white sweet potatoes that are more like normal potatoes. At home we have a Whole Foods that sells these Japanese Sweet Potatoes. They are purple outside and white on the inside – best freaking sweet potato ever. They are amazing. Don’t miss out! They can be incredibly beneficial for your gut, especially covered in a high quality butter!
          • This is a lot of information to take in. I get it. Even reading this must be really hard for some. I’m going to work on ways to get people the info they are seeking without requiring them to read large articles and have to retain and process that information. There is just too much info out there to know where to start let alone while fighting Lyme. Amber really had a struggle with that, and I completely understand it. But I’m a programmer after all, when my mind is clear enough I want to build a tool to help with that. A way to keep track of everything. Somehow. In the mean time read over this article a few times. Because burned out adrenals really affects your mind, your memory, your ability to perform various mental gymnastics, etc. By trying to build the adrenals your mind will start to come back as well. So ask questions, Google how something works and if you want to feel free to email or comment below. You can reach Amber or myself through . Take control of your health the best you can. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t be afraid to be turned down. You’ve gotta be brave. And if no one else in your life seems to care, there are people like Amber and I who believe in you. And so many others that understand the struggle. You aren’t alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out.


          Watch these regarding Diet, Detox & Cleaning:


          Andreas Moritz:

          Andreas Moritz on Liver Flush:

          Heal all Tea & Detox Tea (These come highly recommended):

          Bring it all together

          • #1 Most important: Avoid STRESS!!
          • Rest, rest, rest
          • Eat enough food
          • Take the iodine and B-Vitamin supplements, super important
          • Eat the right foods, avoid the bad foods, avoid bad oils, avoid processed foods, try to eat
          • Avoid anything that would cause an immune response
          • Avoid mold or anything rotten
          • Keep the house clean
          • If you are able to sleep, always make sure you get enough sleep
          • If you are not sleeping, consider the detox stuff above. Get on the iodine and b-vitamin supplements and fish oils. Iodine is #1 most important. Followed by MTHFr.
          • Consider the test or just buy a bottle of MethylGuard Plus and try it.
          • has a sale currently, it’s only $99 for a Genetic / DNA test instead of $200. Get this test! It’s one of the few things you can do yourself that is entirely worth it.
          • Never stop reading and learning about your illness.
          • Never be afraid to reach out. You are important.
          • By strengthening the adrenals you are basically strengthening your immune system. The adrenals are key to recovering from any illness, including Lyme in my opinion. The adrenals are incredibly important. By resting and healing the adrenals you will be saving up energy to mount the proper immune response when the time is right. Over the next 6 months or so do a few mono fruit cleanses for 3-5 days at a time (don’t push adrenals though), drink the beetroot juice, walk when it’s appropriate, get your diet nailed down, etc.

          After 6 months or so and you are feeling a little better in the adrenal, energy & sleep departments – Then it is the time to get a little more focused on specifically trying to attack the Lyme. But until then, I would not worry about Lyme specifically persay. Because it’s not about killing the Lyme, it’s about making the body as a whole healthy. It’s about giving your body what it needs so that it can heal the disease itself. That is what this is about. I would focus on adrenal health, gut health, liver health, spleen health, etc. Find some cleanses that are not going to be hard on the adrenals. Or do very short, mini cleanses. Focus one at a time on strengthening these various organs and systems.

          When you do start to focus on Lyme you must be very careful to do this very slowly. You don’t want to push too hard and have to start that 6 months over again. Take the Stephen Buhner herbs for example, herbs that kill Lyme bacteria and break down the biofilms. Just do it slowly. You do not want to slam your body with extra energy intesive tasks. You just want to ease in and settle in a comfortable place, observe your energy & sleep & other signs of your adrenal strength. If your energy is going down, back off and just rest for a couple days.

          Good luck Lyme Warriors! We love you and we believe in you!!