My Journey

I never thought I would start a blog, but through the process of finding health specialists who understand my issues and getting the right tests, I’ve learned so much that I want to share.

After going to several doctors who told me nothing was wrong with me, I became really discouraged. I tried to accept that maybe it was all in my head. But I knew that my diverse symptoms including heart palpitations, fainting spells and severe insomnia was more than depression or anxiety. I used to need to sleep nine hours a night. I could sleep through anything! Now I literally would go three days without being able to sleep at all. And when I did sleep (with the help of many sleep aids I might add) I would still wake up at the drop of a pin. I started to get so much pain and was so weak, that I was bed-ridden at times. I was eating ibuprofen like candy. More random symptoms added to the previous ones and I felt like I was losing my mind. I couldn’t accept that I was merely anxious; I knew there was something wrong physiologically. And I was right.

I finally found a doctor who suggested Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but told me she didn’t want to diagnose me because there was no cure. It seemed like a silly reason to withhold a diagnosis, and I was getting really frustrated. I was praying for guidance, for answers, any answer! And finally I was pointed in the right direction, seemingly by chance.

My mom had attended a lecture that a chiropractor was giving a few months back and she asked him advice about my symptoms. He connected us with someone who does a test called live blood cell analysis. I was told that he’s worked with several people who have chronic diseases and was able to get to the source of their problems. I got his card, but didn’t call him until months later. I finally did the test, and he discovered that I have a severe parasite infection and undigested proteins in the blood which suggested leaky gut syndrome. To confirm this suspicion, I met with another chiropractor who did a stool test for leaky gut syndrome. She said that the test showed that I did indeed have it and it was so bad that the lining of my intestines nearly didn’t exist! I started taking anti-parasite supplements and a product called Repairvite for healing the intestines. The problem was that I didn’t stick to the very strict diet, which is essential, and the anti-parasite supplement gave me really bad reactions. I still wasn’t sleeping much. But finally, some answers.

Next I went to a natural health specialist who does frequency testing and I found that I had nerve parasites, possibly Epstein bar virus, and that my neurotransmitters were out of balance. I also did a symptom based Neurotransmitter test that suggested that I was very GABA deficient. So I started taking GABA calm sublingual by Source Naturals, and it helped with my sleep. I also started another supplement called Laminine (then switched to Stemfit) which has helped so much, but more on that later. Each piece of the puzzle started coming together.

So it seems that because I’ve found these solutions that I would be all better now. Well, I never fully committed to the difficult diet, or found an anti-parasite supplement I haven’t had severe reactions to. So everything I have been doing has helped me to get by, but not to heal… and the elusive dream: to thrive.

There have been times where I was tempted to give up, and sometimes did. What’s the point of spending all this money if I’m not feeling completely better anyway? But I am finally working up the courage to try again. I have no desire to limp through life! So I have determined to re-start my journey of healing. It started with muddling through information and advice, then spending a lot of money on supplements and treatments as a shot in the dark. Some things helped, but others didn’t. However, at least I do have some answers now! And I have never taken the time, money, or energy to try everything at once.

So as I fully commit, I believe I will be seeing some significant changes. I hope that my experience might save someone else a little time and money. And possibly give even the smallest ray of hope to illuminate the path of someone who is where I was: confused and alone feeling like I was battling an invisible monster. Now at least I know what I’m fighting. I truly believe this journey has been divinely led, and maybe it’s because I can share what I’ve learned. And I believe healing is possible. There is hope.