Stemfit: Relief for Chronic Fatigue

Out of all the supplements I’ve tried, Stemfit has been one of the best, if not the best that I’ve discovered on my journey. It is amazing! This post is more informational than personal, but trust me, you will want to know about this!

Infants’ brains grow at an incredibly rapid rate, making connections faster and more permanently in the first three years, than ever will for the rest of their lives. Their bodies also grow quickly, recover quickly, and still have boundless energy to use for all their antics. How are children capable of such miraculous growth and resilience? Their secret lies in a specific combination of peptides, amino acids and FGF (Fibroblast Growth Factor).

The Role of FGF

The beginning of a living creature is the mos st critical stage in its development and determines the health and success of its future. Foundations are important. Just as the Biblical adage states that the wise man builds his house upon the rock to protect it from the wear and tear of the years, we are also created with the precise formulation, a blueprint, to prepare us for the years ahead.  And you guessed it, its DNA.  But even DNA would be useless without the processes required to replicate and build into a living being.  You need the building blocks.

FGF creates a huge increase in peptide and amino acid uptake in the cell. Without this unique and exact combination stimulated by FGF, the demanding needs for embryotic growth would be impossible. Throughout childhood FGF production helps them grow and repair but already begins to wane. By the time we reach adulthood, FGF production has diminished to a near stand-still.

Even in adulthood our bodies are capable of some repair and regeneration naturally, especially in the brain. We have neural stem cells that are responsible for repairing damage and forming new connections even into adulthood. The most recent research about the brain tells us that our brains have “plasticity” that continues into adulthood: a term they use to describe its ability to form these new connections and rewire our brains. This invalidates previous research that told us that children’s brains are alone capable of this re-wiring. Now they’re finding that you can “teach an old dog new tricks”. This is why people who have had severe brain injuries can recover neural control that would otherwise thought to be irretrievably lost. For example, if the occipital lobe, (the part of the brain responsible for vision) was destroyed the brain can start to repair this region and is also able to adapt other regions of the brain to use for sight! These neural stem cells have the ability to differentiate into a wide range of neurons and can migrate to respective regions of the central nervous system. The brain is actually able to naturally rewire itself through the use of its own stem cells. Amazing!

Although FGF are not stem cells, research clearly shows FGF has the ability to affect the growth of neurites, which are the signal senders (axons) and signal receivers (dendrites) attached to the brain neurons. This spells potential for FGF to help with neuro disorders.
FGF is not limited to helping only neural stem cells, but also to generate stem cells to help heal and regenerate every part of the body!

What is Stemfit?

Chicken eggs have long been known to have health benefits. And for centuries eggs have been analyzed as a model to understand how life begins. We all know the age-old dilemma, which came first? The chicken or the egg? But these philosophical wonderings are based off of real observation. Perhaps the chicken egg is picked as a model to understand how life begins because it carries a life-giving secret: the mechanism of embryo development. It is an astonishing mystery. The “miracle of life” as some call it. This observation of the beginning of life found in the chicken egg have also raised questions of a practical nature: can this miracle of life be the secret to sustaining our lives? Eventually, someone would try to test this theory.

The Discovery

In 1929 a medical doctor name Dr. John Ralston Davidson discovered that the ninth day, a fertilized chicken egg contained all of the amino acids necessary for life at the most potent level. They contained the amazing combination vitamins, proteins and mineral, important defenses, hormones and FGF. In fact, this combination of ingredients is so powerful, it is no surprise that chicks hatch a mere two weeks later.  The amount of growth done in such a short period of time is astonishing.  Dr. Davidson theorized that this “life essence” could be extracted and injected into his cancer patients. For over a decade he developed and researched this theory. His method of extraction and freeze-drying processes proved to be a huge breakthrough and was unarguably effective for his patients. His discovery lead to the creation of an extract in bioavailable form for the human body. Unfortunately, when he passed away in 1943 his revolutionary discovery died with him.

Around 50 years later this extraction and freeze-drying method was rediscovered by Dr. Bjodne Eskeland. He also confirmed Dr. Davidson’s research with his own on the combination of amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions and their diverse health benefits.

Health Benefits of Stemfit

The amazing thing about Stemfit is that not only does it help stimulate your “building blocks” into action, but it also supports your blueprint, your DNA. This energized combination ensures that your cells build quickly, but accurately.  The resulting health benefits are just as impressive. Listed below are a few general changes you could expect, but some people’s testimonies are outrageous.  I once read a testimony about a woman’s damaged pancreas becoming completely restored!

  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Improved focus, attention and concentration
  • Improved sleep for better recovery
  • Repaired damaged cells
  • Naturally balanced hormones
  • Faster recovery between workouts or competition
  • Stress reduction
  • Prolonged peak athletic performance
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Reduced pain and inflammation

My Experience with Stemfit

The first day I took a FGF supplement, was when I tried Laminine for the first time. Laminine was the first FGF supplement of its kind, but I switched to Stemfit after its release because of better potency and purity of ingredients. However, even that first day on Laminine I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. My naturopathic health consultant, Laura, made a visit to my house to deliver the supplement and to check up on me. I hadn’t slept at all the night before and was awake more nights then I had slept that week. Needless to say, I felt like death walking down the stairs to meet her.

“This should help you feel better and sleep better immediately,” and she was right. The first day I took it I felt a sense of relief wash over me in the first hour. The burden of constant pain seemed to be lightened, I almost felt normal for the first time in months. The extra adrenaline that kept me up ceased pumping, and I felt a sense of peace as I went to sleep that night. I slept 8 hours, waking up the next morning with renewed hope. I went from not sleeping three nights in a row, to at least getting a few hours every night.

I was talking to a friend of mine recently who takes Stemfit . She has been actively searching for the best health supplements for decades, and she told me Stemfit has been one of the top 3 most amazing products she has found. She added, “Consider yourself lucky that you’ve found it so young.” I thought about my journey, and realized that I was lucky to have discovered the information that I’ve had… just more evidence that God is guiding me in this process.