The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Flush

This has literally been a life-saving protocol for me so I would like to share it with others. In my case at least it really has been miraculous.

Why We Need to Flush

We live in a very different age than our grandparents lived. The air was cleaner, the food more nutritious, and water more pure. Now we live in an age where it’s not abnormal  to be exposed to 2,100,000 toxins a day. Yes, you read that right. Over two million. Wowwwwee. That’s a huge toxic load. And it’s no wonder that chronic illness is a growing epidemic today. And the future isn’t looking any brighter (don’t even get me started on GMOs and vaccines). Anyway, where do those toxins get stored? (since our detoxification pathways most certainly can’t keep up): in our tissues, everywhere and anywhere, but especially burdening and clogging the liver. Especially if paired with a rancid oil-filled, meat abundant, fresh vegetable sparse all American diet. People today have burdened livers and it can lead to a whole myriad of diseases and symptoms. Hepatitis, Rhematoid Arthiritis, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, obesity (it’s impossible to be overweight with a clean and functioning liver), lower and upper back pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia: all have interesting ties to the functioning of the liver. Of course there is more to some of these diseases than the functionality of the liver, but many people discover that these symptoms and diseases disappear after a series of liver flushes. For testimonies and more amazing information you can look up Andreas Moritz on YouTube or just read his book, The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Flush

Andreas Moritz explains that as we eat bad foods and our bodies try to deal with toxins, the bile in the bile ducts becomes thick and sticky, hardening even to the point of becoming stone-like. Some stones get all the way down to be stored in the gallbladder and get stuck there, which is why some people get gallbladder attacks which usually follows with invasive (and unnecessary) surgery. Note: if you ever have a Galbladder attack DON’T have surgery right away. Try one tablespoon of food-grade Epsom salts in a cup of water. I’ve had several intense and painful gallbladder attacks and took the Epsom salt dose and my pain went away. A simple solution for what otherwise would have been such a drastic one. Of course I have to give the disclaimer that I’m not a doctor, talk to your doctor, I don’t claim to cure or heal blah blah blah just in case someone gets their weenie in a bunch about it. 

But I digress…some stones stay stuck in the liver bile ducts and block the bile flow (like hair in the drain) slowing until it completely stops. Bile is important for digestion but also for elimination of toxins. If your clogged liver can’t produce bile and your clogged gallbladder can’t push it out then it forms more stones and some toxins are reabsorbed back into the rest of your tissues which are eventually brought back to your liver to process, which perpetuates the cycle. The liver in this state also becomes unable to participate in the numerous metabolic cycles and processes necessary for our survival. Eventually the liver begins to die, and/or becomes infected, because bad bacteria and parasites love the unhealthy bile and liver flesh. Gross I know, but you need to know what could be ailing you! Well, before I make you feel like a decaying zombie, on to the solution!

What is a Liver and Gallbladder Flush?

There are a few different variations of the flush but I like Andreas Moritz version the best. For the first six days of the flush you drink apple juice or tart cherry juice. The reason for this is because both apple juice and tart cherry juice both have malic acid. The malic acid softens the stones making them ready to begin their journey down the bile ducts without pain. Then the night of the flush you follow a strict schedule of a couple of doses of Epsom salts which widen the bile ducts in liver and gallbladder making it possible for the softened stones to get through to the small intestines. You end with a mixture of grapefruit juice and olive oil which helps give the final push. The next day you will see stones, usually green although you can see all sorts of shapes and colors. 

Sometimes in the following days a strange phenomenon happens, you feel angry, randomly and sometimes for no apparent reason. For the ladies who might read this I would compare it to PMS, on steroids. Andreas Moritz also mentions this in his book and YouTube videos and explains it is completely normal. In fact, he says that a clogged liver can cause a person to be angry and anger can also clog the liver. Interesting, as it explains why the old English term describing an angry man as “bilious”.  This happened once to me when I ate something my liver didn’t like after I started the liver flushes. It was the strangest experience. However, once the liver is completely clean Moritz describes that you become much more calm and patient of a person. So it is worth it! Just another reason to try this flush. You repeat the flush every month or two until when you flush no more stones come out. For some people that’s six months of cleansing, for others it’s a year or longer, depending on the state of your liver. For me, it’s a year and counting…

My Experience with the Liver Flush

This protocol has saved my life, I’m sure of it. My liver is still not completely cleansed, I’m still doing flushes. I’m also still not 100 percent better because I’ve finally found the root of my health problems and it’s not all my liver. That’s only part of my problem because I have Lyme disease. However, I don’t think I would be able to start my Lyme treatment even if by some miracle I lived till now. Or perhaps the Herx reactions would be deadlier because the liver detox pathways were completely blocked by the thousands of parasites, stones, even what resembled rubber. It has been sobering and validating finally seeing how sick my body is with my own eyes. I’ve dropped 10 pounds from my upper torso alone and have probably excreted nearly the same amount of “liver matter” as John and I call it: stones, parasites, the rubber stuff, even what we surmised as rotting pieces of my liver. It was disgusting and fascinating, validating and…terrifying. But I would commit to it all over again, need be. At the time before I started the liver flushes about a year ago, I remember barely being able to walk through Walmart feeling overwhelmed by the sense of doom that was weighing on me, more and more each day. I was still covered in the horrible mysterious rashes that itched insatiably, there was this continuous metallic or chemical taste in my mouth, my appetite had disappeared completely, and I could barely walk. I remember literally thinking, “I am walking death.” I felt like I was being poisoned… I was so weak, couldn’t sleep, and could barely stomach water, I was severely constipated…I knew that death was near. 
Then one day after another sleepless night and against every desire to stay in bed, I dragged myself to church nearly getting in an accident because I was so tired and sick. I showed up in jeans and messy hair but I was glad to be there. Little did I know that day I would learn about the liver flush that would ultimately save my life. 

I had recently been getting to know a church member who I now go to for spiritual mentorship from time to time and her mother was visiting. As it came time for potluck, I sat down at a round table with several church members. I can’t remember how it came up, other than due to me blabbering about my health problems because that is how I usually answer questions about what I am doing with my life. I don’t even remember her mom’s name, but I remember she asked, “have you tried liver flushes?” I vaguely remembered the epsom salt liver flush that my dad tried a few times. After learning a little more about it, I simply knew, this was the next stage in my healing. I felt a sense of eagerness to start right away come over me which interestingly enough Andreas Moritz describes as a sign that you need to do the liver flush. I went home and excitedly told John about the idea, he started his own research and I started my first flush.

It was disheartening at first because I didn’t get any stones out the first time. I thought I did it wrong or maybe the flush was a hoax. I read in The Miracle Liver and Galbladder Flush that sometimes the liver can be so compacted that you don’t get any stones out, so I tried again a week or two later…and avalanche. I unblocked a dam and I couldn’t get my liver to stop cleansing even in between flushes. I started getting gallbladder attacks in between flushes because my liver was dumping so much stuff into my gallbladder. However, after following Mortiz’s instruction of taking Epsom salts the attack would quickly dissipate. Soon after I would eliminate all sorts of things. Stones of all shapes and sizes, a variety of parasites, the weird see-through rubbery things, all sorts of weird things greeted me EVERY time I visited the restroom for a few months. It has since slowed down, although I’m still very sick I know that it has been a necessary step in healing and has prepared me for my next step in my journey: treating Lyme. But now I have an appetite, am sleeping a bit better, no more chemical tasting mouth, and a sense that something in my body is getting stronger. 

I would highly recommend that everyone do this liver flush and will add a disclaimer or two. First, depending on the state of your liver you may have different results. I had tons of liver pain and all sorts of abnormal complications with the flush because of the Lyme disease and parasites. Three quarters or more of what I’ve excreted from the flushes have been parasites while most people eliminate stones. Also remember if you decide to start this be prepared to get on a train that you can’t get off till your liver is finished cleansing completely. If you’ve started flushes and stop it actually can cause more problems then you had before you started. Also, you need to follow the guidelines carefully. The book is lacking in a simple guideline format so I didn’t discover until the second flush after having to read for ages that you are supposed to do a Colonix before and after EVERY flush or else stones could get stuck in the colon and poison you. Which actually happened to me, which is why I started water enemas until I could get an emergency Colonix. I will try to put together a simple guidelines book with all the things I had wish would have been clearer in The Miracle Liver and Gallbladder Flush before I had started. Hopefully I can help another person skip all the drama and missteps. For me anyway, it’s been hard work. You have to be diligent, persistent, optimistic enough to stick with it. But I promise if you do you will reap the benefits: much better health!