Welcome to AmberOasis

We live in a world where chronic diseases such as, fibromyalgia, leaky gut syndrome, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome and other various autoimmune diseases are becoming pandemic yet traditional medicine has few answers or treatments for these debilitating problems. They are only starting to be recognized by the traditional medical community, but are just as real as diabetes, cancer, or any other respected disease.

I use the word “respected” because as I’ve experienced in these last few hellish years, there is a lack of respect and awareness for chronic fatigue syndrome and related chronic diseases. This often leaves the sufferers isolated and misunderstood. Often brushed off as depression or psychosomatic, it is so difficult to get the answers and support that you deserve. So my goal in starting this blog is to raise awareness and inform through my experiences, as well as to share the precious information I have gained in this extensive journey as I search for answers. Perhaps it can be a safe place, an oasis, if you will, for those who are also on their own healing journeys.